I'm Spencer.

Chief Creative at RedStamp.ca

Designer/Creative Marketer

Life o' the Party

I handle all of the creative direction with print/web/interaction design at Redstamp. I recently launched Rool, a fashion forward golf-wear brand based in SLC. I've been designing since I was twelve, my first site being a Warcraft 2 fanpage in the mid-90's (Orcs>Humans).

Studied Marketing at BYU (go Cougars!).
Spent a year in Germany working at a marketing firm, where I also learned Deutsch (that's what we German-speakers call, uh, "German").

Avid hiker/backpacker/camper
Enjoy golfing and the few and far between birdy putt
Will have a six pack by my 30th 31st birthday
Love to tell people jokes/make them laugh (such as suggesting that I'll have a sick pack)
Big fantasy novel reader (stop laughing about the six pack)